What Does Birds Mean In A Dream


Why do we dream of birds?

Dreaming of birds has a lot of meaning in the world of dreams. In general, they are usually pleasant dreams, with a positive interpretation. However, it also depends a lot on certain characteristics of the dream, such as the type of bird, what they do or your emotion before them. There is a great variety of birds, so if you remember the type of bird you have dreamed about, it can be very useful to read about it, like dreaming about pigeons, dreaming about crows or even dreaming about ducks. If you do not know the type of bird or there is a great variety, then this article will give you the most general interpretation of dreaming about birds.

What Does Birds Mean In A Dream

As we have said, it is usually a pleasant dream. You may have recently experienced a bad experience with birds or seen a movie in which they behave violently (such as Hitchcock’s The Birds). In this case it is likely that your aversive emotions towards this animal will be reflected in your dream. In the event that you have experienced some recent event with birds, these will manifest through your subconscious as a reminder, and you should not look for any other symbolism.

However, if the appearance of birds in your dreams is not motivated by any experience and occurs spontaneously, you are interested in reading the various interpretations that we offer below, always looking for the one that best suits you and your personal circumstances, Because only you are able to give a correct meaning to your dreams.

What is the meaning of dreaming about birds?

When we dream of animals, something quite common, our subconscious is reflecting the idea we have of the animal through its image. Each person has certain characteristics associated with each animal, either for cultural reasons or experiences. We must know that in dreams, it is not the animal itself, but those ideas related to the animal itself, such as strength, wisdom, betrayal or danger.

Birds often symbolize freedom, among other things because of their ability to fly, something we associate with being free (read more in dreaming about flying). You may feel discharged from a recent problem or you are going through a time of great personal or work euphoria, which makes you feel liberated. It is important, therefore, to observe the behavior of the birds in your dream, since it is not the same to see birds flying high than low, nor to observe them locked in a cage.

Other analysts relate to the birds with new news, which will arrive soon or we already know, and which produce great emotion. It will surely bring important changes to our lives.

However, although this would be the most generic interpretation, as we have already said there may be variations depending on the specific details of the dream. Keep reading to learn more.

Interpretation of concrete dreams with birds

Depending on the type of bird we dream about, its interpretation may vary. If we dream of a single bird, it is very likely that you are waiting for the arrival of important news. A brightly colored bird represents good news, it is also important to analyze your emotion during sleep, if you are happy or sad says a lot about the characteristics of the news that is coming. If in the dream a flock of birds appears, it symbolizes rather a stage of change, possibly happy if the birds fly free and they are not attacking you. If it is a black bird, it is bad news, or a time full of potholes if they go in flock. When nocturnal birds appear in your dreams, it is likely that your life has taken an unexpected turn but to which you will adapt easily. It may be useful to read more about dreaming about owls or dreaming about owls. A bird wounded or without feathers symbolizes remorse for some action or concern in the face of some misfortune. If the bird is dead, it indicates some important loss.

The behavior of the animal or our own towards him also tells a lot about the meaning of the dream. When birds fly very high is a sign that optimistic and liberating moments come to your life, but if the birds fly at ground level it means that your freedom is being moderately altered and this prevents you from reaching your goals. Dreaming of a cage full of birds means that you feel constrained when making your own decisions or that you are struggling a lot to get something that is not worth the effort. When the birds try to fly in a small enclosure and are stamped against the walls it can indicate that you are a person with a rigid mind, with very fixed ideas and it is difficult for you to accept the opinions of others. If you dream that you feed the birds, the meaning is very positive. Indicate that you try to take care of your loved ones and even recover old friendships. If you are hunting birds, your dream is closely related to economic gains. When the bird appears in your hand, it tells us about important opportunities in your life. But if you let it go or it escapes, you’re probably missing out on those opportunities.

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