What Does Bees Mean In A Dream


Dreaming of bees has many meanings and will depend on the context.

Dreaming of bees, which are in their natural habitat, flying in freedom, mean abundance, productivity, social life. Happiness in your life. Success in love Good profits

Dreaming of a bee, which is perched on a flower eating its nectar quietly
, announces the arrival of a new and romantic love.

What Does Bees Mean In A Dream

If you dream that you get honey out of a hive, it presages you a lot of money, but in an illegal way.

If you dream that a bee stings you or that you feel surprised by a beehive, that they flutter aggressively on you, it is a bad omen, they mean problems, setbacks, betrayal, fights, health problems … But if you are attacked by them , You will be able to kill them, it would mean that great successes are coming for you.

If you dream that you have a bee hovering over your head, it is positive, since it means that you will achieve a high position in your company.

If you dream that you kill a bee, it is a bad omen too, it means that after a hard fight you will get rid of an enemy.

If in your dream you saw the Queen Bee, it would be a very good omen of quiet life, without chips, with luck at work or in business and with a good economic position. It also means that you will get along well with your children. You can announce the arrival of a child.

Dreaming of a quiet hive, that works and are not nervous, means abundance and luck with business. If some bees made their hive on their farm, it would be the announcement of fortune, triumphs in business, luck, abundance …

If you dream that bees hover over an abandoned lot, it means that some people will make it their home.

If you dream that you are attacked by a swarm of very angry bees, it means that you will break the society, which you have with your partners, after multiple problems and fights.

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