What Does Abdomen Mean In A Dream


What Does Abdomen Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

If in the dream, the abdomen of the dreamer grows, it usually means hopes of wealth, honors or professional successes. On the contrary, if in dreams, the abdomen of the dreamer grows thin, it is almost always an omen of poverty.

What Does Abdomen Mean In A Dream

In case of seeing how our abdomen bleeds in the dream for no apparent reason, it is an announcement of problems, worries and possible tragedies that will appear in the family environment.

If we observe the abdomen of another person, regardless of how we see it, he notices betrayals and lies by some people nearby. When a young woman sees herself in dreams with a bulging abdomen, she indicates her longings at the maternal level.

Seeing in our dreams how our belly relaxes or relaxes reflects the need to free ourselves from some pressures caused by anger or frustration. Dreaming of a tense abdomen is linked to our intuition, and it is a way in which our subconscious makes us understand that something is going wrong in our day to day, and it is possible that it may displease us or we may feel fear for our physical integrity.

Pregnant women usually dream of a body dysmorphism or deformity in their belly, this is due to their fears and pressures regarding the health of their baby and in other cases it is related to the way they look, it is a way to manifest Some disgust for his current situation.

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