What does Abbot mean in a dream


What Does Abbot Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of an abbot is almost always an indicator of an upcoming wedding. It is a symbol of joy and increase in the family.

What does Abbot mean in a dream

Observing the abbot of a convent or monastery is a sign of possible help from someone very close.
If in the dream, it is the dreamer himself who sees himself as abbot, it is usually an indicator of disappointment.
Dreaming of a fat, robust or pot-bellied abbot suggests that in order to obtain what we want it is necessary to make some sacrifices that could cause us displeasure.

Dreaming of a drunken abbot or drinking liquor indicates that some situations have made us lose trust in a friend or family member.

If the abbot in the dream is blessing us, it is a sign that we have the support of friends and family.

If we see it administering the sacraments it is a harbinger of successes and a long life.

An abbot who sleeps in dreams symbolizes that it is necessary to prevent some worries from taking over us. It is possible that situations arise in which we must act with patience and firmness.

Dreaming of an abbot who is praying is a sign that we will receive news of a friend or relative we had forgotten, if we see him preaching, it indicates that there are some remorse and feelings of guilt that prevent us from moving forward.

Dreaming of an abbess of a convent looking with a serious face indicates pride and sometimes malice that will be victim. If the face of the abbess is smiling or kind is an indicator of courage and good hope.

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