What Does A Sea Robin Look Like?


What is a sea robin, what does it look like? Information about the habitat, features and characteristics of sea robin.

Sea Robin
Sea Robin; any of numerous species of fish of the family Triglidae, found in shallow temperate and tropical waters in ali parts of the world. The popular name derives from its reddish color and large, winglike pectoral fins. The sea robin has a large head encased in bony plates, a flattened snout, and an elongated, tapered body covered with small scales. The larger species reach a length of 2 to 3 feet (60-90 cm). The first three rays of the long pectoral fins are separated from the fin web and also from one another. The rays have special sensory organs at the ends, which are used by the fish to propel itself along the bottom, to turn över rocks and other small objects, and to sense the small fishes and crustaceans it feeds upon.

Numerous species of the genus Prionotus inhabit the warmer North American seas. The best known are the short-winged sea robin (P. carolinensis), whose pectoral fins are red and less than half as long as the body, and the long-winged sea robin (P. strigatus), whose pectorals are brown and more than half as long as the body. Both are common as far north as Cape Cod. The short-winged fish is also found in Massachusetts Bay. Several related species are found on the Pacific coast and elsewhere. Some are called flying fish. Large numbers of sea robins are caught by fishermen, but even though their flesh is excellent, they are not considered food fish.

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