What Are The General Characteristics Of Insects?


What is the structure of an insect? What are the general characteristics of insects? Information on insects.

general characteristics of insects
The general characteristics of insects

1- They have 3 pairs (6) of jointed legs.

2- The body has three parts, the head, the thorax and the abdomen.

3- They have a pair of antennae.

4- Eyes (usually both compound and simple).

5- All, except a few, have wings.

6- They breathe through small holes on each segment of the abdomen. Air enters through these and is sent ali over the body through air tubes.

7- They have metamorphosis.

Our world has a large number of insects. Grasshoppers, butterflies, moths, flies, mosquitoes, bees and ants are very common types of insects. Some insects such as mosquitoes and houseflies are very harmful because they carry disease microbes. Other insects, such as clothes moths, destroy woolen clothing (carpets, jackets, sweaters, ete).

Grasshoppers eat plants. Termites can destroy homes by eating wood. But many insect are useful to us. We get honey from bees. The silk worm-moth gives us silk. Bees, butterflies and moths pollinate flowers and, as a result, these flowers develop into fruit and seeds. Some insects help us by killing other harmful insects which damage plants.

Insects have separate sexes and, they come from eggs. Many kinds of insect go through metamorphosis during their lives. Insects experience one of two kinds of metamorphosis, complete metamorphosis or incomplete metamorphosis.

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