What Are The Causes For Failure In Schoolwork?


Why do some students fail in schoolwork? What are the causes? What should parents do?

studying studentThere are many causes for failure in schoolwork. Individual problems are more common when a school is using rigid teaching methods, when the attitude toward the children is regimenting and harsh, when the classes are too large for individual attention.

In children themselves there are various reasons for poor adjustment. On the physical side, there are eye defects, deafness, occasionally fatigue or chronic illness. On the psychological side, there is the child unable to read because of a special difficulty in recognizing words, the child who is too nervous and worried about other things, the one who cant get along with teacher or pupils. There is the child who is too smart and the one who can’t do the work because his intelligence isn’t up to it.

Don’t scold or punish the child who is having difficulties. Try to find out where the trouble lies. Consult with the principal or teacher. Get the help of the school guidance counselor if there is one. Have the child tested by the school psychologist if that seems the next step. Consult a child-guidance clinic or a private psychiatrist or psychologist if no specialists are available at the school. Have him examined physically, including his vision and hearing.

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