Wax Flower (Hoya Bella) Care Instructions


Plant Care Instructions for Wax Flowers, Wax Flower repotting, care tips, lighting, soil, watering, temperature tips.

Wax Flowers

Wax Flower (Hoya Bella)

Light: lots of light

Temperature: 65° to 70° F – 19° to 21° C

Humidity: 40% to 50%

Soil: potting and peat moss

Watering: twice a week

Spraying: every second day

Native to India, this plant bears small waxy white and purple-centred flowers that are sometimes very sweet-smelling. It is quite attractive in a hanging basket and extremely decorative. It requires a temperate, well-lighted and very humid location. You should spray the leaves regularly and fertilize monthly from March to September. Repot the plant in February or March. Watering should be very frequent while the plant is producing shoots, but should be reduced from November to February. Fertilize until the buds appear.
Propagation is done with slips. Plant stems with two or three leaves in a sandy mixture and use five or six stems in a pot to get a good display. Use a wide, shallow pot for this purpose.
The plant should always be kept in the same place or the buds will fall off. This species is also subject to pest infestation. Hence, it should be regularly checked for any signs of infection.
Hoya bella, also known as miniature wax plant (Hoya lanceolata bella), has long been a favorite plant for gardens or interior spaces. The wax flower originated in India, Thailand and Burma, so the plant enjoys a lot of humidity. It is a beautiful plant, which produces white flowers in the shape of a wax, in the shape of a star, each with a pink mini flower centered on the flower. La Hoya bella is an indoor plant with relatively low maintenance that is relatively easy to care for, especially when planted indoors.
Buy the nursery floor. Hoya bella should be available in your nursery or garden center. There are many other varieties of Hoya plants, including the largest Hoya carnosa, Hoya australis and Hoya bandaensis. If you need help finding a beautiful Hoya, talk to the nursing staff and ask for their help.
—- The Hoya australis is larger than a beautiful Hoya, and has waxy pink and red flowers.
—- Fleshy Hoya has dark green leaves with an oval shape.
Look for a beautiful hoya online. If there are no beautiful Hoya plants available at a local nursery, you can find them and buy them online. Check large and well-known online plant retailers, such as Nature Hills, Wayside Gardens, Burpee or Spring Hills Nursery. Wax plants can also be purchased through Amazon.
It is uncommon and difficult to grow a beautiful Hoya plant from seeds, so you probably can not find any online. Hoya flowers infrequently release seeds, and seeds are difficult to grow.
Plant of a cut. If you know someone with a beautiful Hoya plant, or if you have trouble locating a beautiful Hoya in a nursery, you can grow this plant from a cutting. Take cuttings of herbaceous or woody stems in the summer. When cutting a section for planting, take at least 3 inches (7 cm). Make sure the cut includes at least one set of sheets.
When planting a Hoya cut, use a well-drained, porous soil. Place the cut into a small pot (with a diameter of approximately 6 inches [15 centimeters]). Water the plant weekly, and La Hoya will produce roots within a week or two.
Keep the beautiful basin planted by cutting out partial sunlight. In this stage, the full sun can cause the plant to wilt.

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