Wax Begonia Flower Care Instructions


Plant Care Instructions for Wax Begonias, Wax Begonia repotting, care tips, lighting, soil, watering, temperature tips.

Wax Begonia (Begonia Semperflorens)

Light: sun
Temperature: 65 to 70 F – 19 to 21 C
Humidity: 40% to 45%
Soil: potting
Watering: every third day
Spraying: daily

Wax Begonia

Native to Brazil, the Begonia semperflorens comes in many varieties with red, pink or white flowers. Flowering is almost year-round, and the plant will grow out of doors. No wonder it is popular with beginning plant-lovers.

A temperate climate and a bright place are needed. During the blooming period, the plant needs heavy and frequent watering. Watering should be sharply reduced during the resting period, in the winter. To keep the leaves from falling off, the Begonia semperflorens should be put in direct sunlight during that period. If in spite of this the leaves continue to fall off, wait for the new growing period and as soon as it begins cut the plant back and repot it in rich soil.

Propagation is done with slips, which will root easily in a glass of water. If vou plant your begonia outside in the garden for the summer, when fall arrives, dig it up with a good-sized clump of soil and use a fairly large pot for repotting. When you bring your plant back inside, put it in a bright but cool place for a few days to allow it a period of transition.

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