Thrasher Bird Species


What are the characteristics of Thrasher Bird? Information about the features, facts and habitat of Thrasher Bird.

Thrasher Bird

Thrasher Bird Species

Thrasher Bird; any of a group of medium-sized songbirds usually found near the ground along the forest edge and in bushy grasslands in North America, Central America, and nearby tropical islands. Like their relatives—catbirds and mockingbirds—they are from 8 to 12 inches (20-30 cm) long and have slender bodies, long curved beaks, long tails, and strong legs and feet. The plumage is usually gray or brown but may be reddish.

Ten species of thrashers (genus Toxostoma) range from southern Canada to Mexico and Lower California and one species is found only on Cozumel Island off Yucatán. The brown thrasher (T. rufum rufum) with its bright red back and heavily streaked breast is the most familiar species. It feeds on insects and fruits, and its clear sweet song is characterized by the repetition of each note. It winters in the southern United States but migrates north in the spring to breed. Both parents incubate the normal clutch of four pale green eggs spotted with red, and feed the chicks.

Another species often grouped with the thrashers is the Lesser Antilles trembler (Cinclocerthia ruficauda), known for its habit of shaking its wings and body. There are about 16 species of thrashers classified in the family Mimidae, order Passeriformes.

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