The Differences Between Tapeworms and Roundworms


What are the differences between tapeworms (flatworms) and roundworms (ascaris worms)? The difference list.

The Life Cycle Of Flatworms (Tapeworm)
Round Worms and The Life Cycle of the Ascaris

1. The eggs pass out in waste materials1. The eggs pass out in waste material
2. The eggs are eaten by a cow or a Pig2. The eggs are eaten by man
3. The tapeworm is a hermaphrodite3. The sexes are separate, male and female
4. The early stages occur in cows or pigs4. The larvae develop in the lungs of man
5. The bladder cyst is swallowed in raw or improperly cooked meat5. The larvae come to the throat from the lungs and are reswallowed
6. The adult worms live in the intestine6. The adult worms live in the small intestine
7. The worm attaches itself to the intestine7. The worms live freely in the small intestine
8. The person may loose weight and feel tired8. Bleeding from the lungs occurs
9. The adult worm may grow to a length of 1 m.9. The length of the animal is 15-20 .cm
10. The body is made of flat segments10. The body is round and  muscular. It is not segmented.
»  11. It needs two hosts to complete its life cycle11. It needs only one host to complete its life cycle
12. It is a parasite12. It is a parasite

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