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What is skin allery test? What are the types of skin tests, how are they made, information on skin test.

Skin TestSkin Test; is a test performed on the skin of a patient to detect allergic hypersensitivity to a particular agent, such as pollen or a specific food, or to diagnose past or present infection with a disease that produces a local hypersensitivity reaction.

In a scratch test, scratches are made in the epithelial layer of the skin, and a small amount of the suspected allergy-producing substance is rubbed into the area. A positive reaction, manifested by the appearance of redness or weals at the site of the scratches, indicates hypersensitivity or allergy to the particular substance. In a patch test, small pads soaked with the suspected allergen are applied to the unbroken skin, and hypersensitivity is determined by the appearance of signs of local irritation. In an intracutaneous test, a minute amount of a particular agent, usually a diluted bacterial toxin, is injected into the skin to determine if the patient has ever been infected with the agent.

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