Rose Of China Flower Care Instructions


Plant Care Instructions for Rose Of Chinas, Rose Of China repotting, care tips, lighting, soil, watering, temperature tips.

Rose Of China

Rose Of China (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

Light: a little sun; lots of light
Temperature: 70° to 75° F – 21° to 24° C
Humidity: 35%
Soil: “potting”
Watering: twice a week
Spraying: three times a week

A tropical plant with shimmering flowers, this marvellous little shrub needs special care if it is to flourish. Like most tropical plants, it needs a great deal of humidity, warmth and light. You must spray the foliage regularly and keep the soil constantly moist; otherwise the buds will fall off. Use tepid water for watering and spraying. This hungry plant needs diluted fertilizers regularly. Cut back severely in the spring to obtain a bushier and stronger plant. You may repot in the spring as well. Your cuttings may be placed in a glass of water to root.

Your plant should always be well drained.

The perfect spot for it is one with a bit of direct sun and, above all, lots of light.

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