Prickly Pear Flower Care Instructions


Plant Care Instructions for Prickly Pears, Prickly Pear repotting, care tips, lighting, soil, watering, temperature tips.

Prickly Pear Flower Care Instructions

Prickly Pear (Opuntia Littoralis)

Light: sun
Temperature: 68° to 72° – 20° to 22° C
Humidity: 20% to 30%
Soil: “cactus”
Watering: every 15 days during growth; once a month in winter
Spraying: none

Cactus growing is becoming more and more popular because of the minimal care these plants need and because of their natural gift for surviving hard conditions. The Opuntia grows in a unique shape, that of a racket. When this plant blooms it bears flowers of a beautiful vibrant yellow.

It needs plenty of sun. However, during the warmest days of summer it should be protected from the most intense solar rays. In the winter, sharply reduce watering. Keep the plant in the sun but in a cooler place. In the summer, water more frequently and place your plant in a sunny spot.

Propagation is done with slips. Section off one of the rackets and plant it in cactus soil, about one-quarter of the racket below the ground. During the rooting period, be very careful not to over-water.

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