Periwinkle Flower Care Instructions


Plant Care Instructions for Periwinkles, Periwinkle repotting, care tips, lighting, soil, watering, temperature tips.


Periwinkle (Vinca Rosea)

Light: sun
Temperature: 70 to 75 F – 21 to 24 C
Humidity: 40%
Soil: “tropical”
Watering: every second day
Spraying: daily

This plant from Madagascar requires more care than most other plants. It should be kept in a warm and very humid place. The foliage should be sprayed regularly and tepid water used for watering. Sun is as important to this plant as moisture, but in mid-summer the plant should be protected from the hot sun. In the early spring cut back your plant severely and repot it. For propagation the stem cuttings may be planted in a moist and sandy mixture. For attractive growth, your plant should be topped occasionally. Reduce watering in the winter.

Some varieties bear white flowers.

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