Myths and Stories of Poseidon


Myths and Stories of Poseidon

In Greek Mythology, Poseidon was the son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, and therefore was the brother of Zeus. Poseidon was the God of the Seas. Poseidon is commonly presented traveling on a golden quadriga, over the waves, surrounded by dolphins and other sea creatures.

Being one of the main gods of Olympus, he takes part in numerous narratives, which make up the extensive Greek Mythology.

The Myths of Poseidon

1.- Cosmogony

According to Mito, at the birth of Poseidon, his mother, Rhea, hid him in a hole in Arcadia and presented Crono with an ass that the Titan devoured, believing that it was Poseidon. The god of the seas was raised on the island of Rhodes, by the Telchines.

Already grown, he helped Zeus in his fight against the Titans and received from the Cyclops the famous Trident. He also intervened with Success in the struggle of the Gods against the Giants.

Finished the wars against the old dominators of the world, the children of Crono: Zeus, Poseidón and Hades distributed the power on all the Dominions, granting the Sky to Zeus, the seas to Poseidón and the underworld, or Underground world to Hades. In this way, Poseidon was the owner of two palaces: one on Olympus and one on the Underwater World.

2.- Descent of Poseidon

In the Palace of the Underwater World dwelled the god with Amphitrite, daughter of Nereus and Doris, who in principle rejected the love of Poseidon, so he sent a dolphin to convince her, which he achieved at the foot of Mount Atlas. Since then, one of the sacred animals of Poseidon is the dolphin, and even baptized a constellation with that name.

From Amphitrite, he had a son, Triton, and several sea nymphs. As god of the sea, Poseidon had the power to create dreadful storms or keep the waters calm, either to punish or, on the contrary, to reward his subjects.

3.- The punishment of Ulysses

After the war of Troy, Poseidón punished to Ulises doing it to wander by the seas, like revenge by to have blinded to its son Polifemo, a Cyclops.

4.- The Trojan War

Poseidon was thrown from Olympus, along with Apollo, for conspiring against Zeus. Then, he raised the walls of the city of Troy, but later, deceived by Laomedon, who did not want to pay him the stipulated for his work, his revenge was to destroy what he had built.

During the Trojan War, he was a fervent supporter of the Greeks, but then, unable to bear to see these winners enter Troy and plunder, threw them into a stormy sea, where they could not celebrate his victory.

5.- The creation of the islands

In addition to the tsunamis, it could create many other atmospheric phenomena. It could also create mountains, islands, valleys, and generate earthquakes. Thus, the island of Nisiros in the Aegean Sea arose when the island of Cos split, when Poseidón crushed the giant Polibetes with a large stone, being in the land of said island. Rhodes arose from the union of the god with Aphrodite, sister of the Telchines.

6.- The foundation of Atlantis

The mythical Atlantis, according to the myth, was populated by desire of Poseidon when he joined Cito, being born of this union five pairs of twins. The eldest of these twins, Atlante, was later named king of the region.

7.- Descent of Poseidon

Poseidón also founded the city of Orcómeno, when sleeping with the daughter of Eolo, Crisogenia, and to beget Minia. Other sons of Poseidon were Delphi, Pelias, whom he had with the nymph Tire and who was king of Yolk; Neleo, founder of Pilos, Tenaro, Nauplio, who had a decisive action in the Trojan War; Féax, father of Alcinoo and patriarch of the Phaeacians; Quio and Peon, the first of the race of the peonios, that had of Hela, after throwing this one to the Hellespont. In addition Proteus, Orion, Theseus, Déspina, daughter of Demeter, and even Athena were attributed to him like children.

8.- The first horse in the world

According to the Tesálica tradition, Poseidón was the one who gave life to the first horse in the world. It refers to the legend that when Poseidon wanted to join with Demeter, she escaped from the god’s passion by becoming a mare. Poseidon was transformed in turn into a horse and begot with Demeter Arion.

9.- The creation of the Minotaur

When Minos was king of Crete, Poseidon made him appear among the waves a beautiful white bull, as a symbol of his approval, a bull that Minos had to sacrifice, but he refused to do so, and then Poseidon was enraged and made to return furious at the bull and later incited Parsifae, wife of Minos, to fall in love with the animal and thus engender the Minotaur, monster that sowed terror in Crete and Attica, until Theseus killed him.
The bond between Poseidon and these animals demonstrates the violence of his impulses, at least before he became the god of the Seas.

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