Merlin Wizard (Arthurian Mythology)


Who is Merlin? The Myth, story, history of Merlin. The role of Merlinin the Arthurian Mythology.

MerlinMerlin; The archetypal wizard of Arthurian legend. He brought together the royal couple who were to become Arthur’s parents, King Uther Pendragon and Igraine, who at the time was the wife of the Duke of Cornwall. He accomplished the seduction by magic arts, and then he himself watched over Arthur’s youth, preparing him in secret for the hour of his destiny. According to one tradition, he also used his magic to build Stonehenge. The stones came from Ireland and they were erected as a monument to British nobles killed by the Saxons. Another work to his credit was the Round Table, a copy of which may still exist at Winchester.

Merlin himself had been begotten upon a king’s daughter by a mysterious youth who came at night to her nun’s cell. In his Historia Regum, written in the twelfth century, Geoffrey of Monmouth reckoned that Merlin’s father was a demon. So potent an influence did his prophecies have on medieval Europe that they were included in the Index by the Council of Trent. Merlin’s end was testimony of the overwhelming power of the fairy world, a recurrent notion in Celtic mythology. Because of his love for Nineve, possibly the daughter of a Sicilian siren, he taught her enough magic lore to be placed under one of her spells. Thus he was trapped forever in an enchanted wood. As he told Sir Gawain, who once passed hims ‘I am also the greatest fool. I love another more than I love myself, and i taught my beloved how to bind me to herself, and now no one can set me free.’

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