Life Cycle Stages During Complete and Incomplete Metamorphosis Of Insects


What is complete and incomplete metamorphosis of insects? Information on the life cycle stages of complete and incomplete metamorphosis of insects.

Metamorphosis in insects

I) Complete metamorphosis
Butterflies and houseflies have complete metamorphosis
II) Incomplete metamorphosis
Grasshoppers and termites have incomplete metamorphosis.

I- Complete Metamorphosis: This has 4 stages

1- Egg stage 2- Larva stage 3- Pupa stage 4- Adult stage

An example of an insect that goes through complete metamorphosis is the butterfly.

life cycle of butterfly

life cycle of butterfly

1- Egg stage: After fertilization many eggs are laid by the female butterfly.

2 – Larva stage: Fertilized butterfly eggs hatch into little worm-like animals called larvae. These larvae are different from the adults and are called caterpillars. Generally the larva stage is the feeding and growing stage. The animal eats continualy, moults several times and grows rapidly.

3- Pupa stage: When it has reached full size the larva becomes inactive and spins a cocoon around itself. This is known as the pupa stage. It is the resting stage during which the body changes.

4- Adult stage: inside the cocoon the pupa develops into an adult butterfly and hatches out the cocoon.

Bees, ants, moths, mosquitoes and flies are examples of insects that develop through complete metamorphosis.

II- Incomplete metamorphosis

The development of the grasshopper is an example of incomplete metamorphosis.

It has three stages

grasshopper life cycle

grasshopper life cycle

1- The egg stage

2- The nymph stage

3- the adult stage

1- Egg stage: During the egg stage the female grasshopper lays many eggs.

2- Nymph stage: These eggs hatch into tiny insects called nymphs. The nymph looks like a tiny grasshopper but it has no wings or reproductive organs. The nymph eats, moults several times and grows rapidly.

3- Adult stage: It becomes an adult.

Examples of other insects that develop through incomplete metamorphosis are dragon flies and termites.

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