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Jean Richepin; (1849-1926), French poet, novelist, and dramatist. He was born at Médéa, Algeria, on Feb. 4, 1849. His father was an army doctor, and Richepin himself studied medicine briefly before turning to literature. He fought in the Franco-Prussian War and afterward engaged in journalism, editing L’Est, and contributing to various periodicals.

Jean Richepin Biography

His first important work, the collection of poems La Chanson de gueux (1876), reflected his lifelong flouting of convention and his concern for the working classes. The authorities regarded the work, which described the life of the vagabond, or gueux, in vivid and earthy terms, as immoral, ana he was fined and briefly jailed.

Richepin’s next work, Les Morts bizarres ( 1876 ), a collection of short stories, confirmed his reputation as one of the most advanced writers of the naturalistic school—authors, whose boldness of expression and license of subject evoked both applause and condemnation. His next book of verse, Les Caresses (1877), extolled erotic love. It was followed by Les Blasphèmes ( 1884) and La Mer ( 1866). Richepin also wrote some outstanding novels during this period, including La Glu (1881), about a nymphomaniac, and Miarka ( 1883 ), the story of a gypsy girl.

A versatile author, Richepin also wrote plays, among them Le Flibustier (1888), Par le glaive (1892), and Le Chemineau (1897). He was elected to the French Academy in 1908. Richepin died in Paris on Dec. 11, 1926.

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