Information On Sedum Plant


What are the characteristics of sedum plant? Information on the features, cultivation and types of sedum plant.


SEDUM, a genus of plants of the family Crassulaceae. There are about 350 species in the genus, with about 30 of them occurring wild in the United States and Canada. Most sedums are perennial plants that inhabit the temperate and colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Some sedums are cultivated for their great diversity of foliage or for their showy clusters of pink, white, yellow, or reddish purple flowers. They are preeminently useful for rock gardens and for cultivation in poor soil because they are remarkably hardy under adverse conditions. Some sedums are creeping plants that prefer barren rocks and spread luxuriantly over them, thus earning their common name of stonecrop, whereas others grow erect. The sedums are easily propagated by seeds or offshoots, and they have great vitality.

Sedum acre, called the wall pepper, is a common creeping plant covered with yellow starlike flowers; it is fond of sunny, rocky places. One of the handsomest species is the old-fashioned border plant, S. spectabile, which has upright stems and broad clusters of purple flowers. S. telephiodes and S. roseum grow in great masses on mountain ledges, and the latter is notable for its rose-scented roots. S. telephium is the orpine or live-forever, so called because a cut branch will grow outdoors and perhaps bloom.


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