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THREE MUSKETEERS, a historical novel by the French authors Alexandre Dumas père and Auguste Maquet, published in 1844 under its French title Les Trois Mousquetaires. It achieved immediate popularity and has become part of the literary heritage of the many countries into whose languages it has been translated.
Information About Three Musketeers
Set in the time of King Louis XIII and his minister, Cardinal Richelieu, the novel follows its hero, D’Artagnan, through a series of adventures in love, swordplay, and political intrigue. D’Artagnan, an innocent provincial from Gas-cony, journeys to Paris to seek his fortune in the service of the king, and with the aid of his sword and three loyal friends, Athos, Aramis, and Porthos—the musketeers of the title—he at last wins admission to the king’s guard.

This novel and its two sequels, Vingt ans après (1845; Twenty Years After) and Le Vicomte de Bragelonne (1848—1850), imaginatively recreate some of the aspects of the early and middle 17th century that were most appealing to the French romantic generations. While The Three Musketeers is not an aesthetic masterpiece nor important as either a psychological novel or a novel of manners, it is written with verve and immense charm and is capable of involving the reader in its fictitious world.

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