Information About Scorpion Fly


What are the characteristics of scorpion fly? Information on the features, living habitat and facts of scorpion fly.

Information About Scorpion Fly

SCORPION FLY, any of an order of small to medium-sized insects that generally have two pairs of long narrow membranous wings and an elongated head forming a turned-down beak with chewing mouthparts. Male scorpion flies also have pincerlike organs that resemble scorpions’ stingers on the ends of their abdomens. A few species are wingless.

There are about 300 species of scorpion flies making up the order Mecoptera. They are widely distributed throughout the world but are not of any significant economic importance. Adults are frequently found in moist places where there is rank vegetation. Females lay eggs in masses on the ground, and the larvae, which resemble caterpillars but have more abdominal legs, live in burrows. Both adults and larvae are scavengers, feeding on dead insects and other animal matter. Some species also eat vegetable matter. Some species of scorpion flies habitually hang by their long legs from some supporting object and are known as hanging flies.

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