How To Draw Side Side Side Triangle


How to draw the side side side triangles? Properties of side side side triangle construction.

Side Side Side (SSS) Triangle Congruence

A triangle does not exist unless the sum of the two smaller sides is greater than the longest side. This should be checked before trying to do the construction.

Example: Construct ABC triangle in which a=4 cm, b=5 cm and c=6 cm.


Since 4 + 5 > 6 then we can construct the triangle.

Triangle(a) Draw the sketch with the side, [AB], at the base, since it is usual to draw the longest side first.

(b) Draw a line longer than 6 cm and mark point A near one end.

(c) With centre A and radius 6 cm mark off point B on the line.

(d) With centre A and radius 5 cm draw an arc above the line.

(e) With centre B and radius 4 cm draw an arc to intersect the last arc at C.

(f) Join C to A and C to B.

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