How do Tongue and Nose Work Together? Nose Functions


What is nose? What are the functions of human nose? Information about nose structure adn how do tongue and nose work together?

The nose is the organ of smell. it also helps in respiration. Air enters through the nose. It is warmed, moistened and filtered from microbes and dust particles by fine hairs in the nose. Humans detect odors with the help of nerve cells (receptors) in the upper part ofthe nose. When you breathe in through the nose the air moves into a space called the nasal cavity. There are olfactory cells at the top of this space. Each olfactory cell has nerve endings. When an odor enters your nose these special nerve endings gather information about the odor. They send a message to your brain. Then your brain tells you what you smell.

nose structure

How do your tongue and nose work together?
Your nose and tongue work together and give you information about what is around you. Your tongue and nose help you enjoy food. The combination of a food’s taste and smell is called its flavor. When you eat food, particles are dissolved in saliva. Taste buds send a message to the brain about the food’s taste. At the same time the nose receives information about the food’s odor. Food in the mouth releases gas molecules that rise into the nasal cavity. These molecules stimulate the olfactory cells and send a message to the brain. The brain interprets the information sent from both the nose and the tongue, and tells you the flavor of the food.

When you have a cold your sense of smell does not work very well because the mucous membrane of the nasal passages becomes inflamed. This prevents the passage of air to the center of smell. So you cannot taste the flavor of the food.

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