Great Wall Of China Facts


When is the Great Wall Of China built? How long is it? The history and the facts of Great Wall Of China.

Great Wall of China

The longest wall in the world, stretches from Shanhaikwan on Yellow Sea in the east to province of Kansu in the west, a distance of about 1,200 miles when measured in a straight line. With all its windings, however, the wall is over 1,500 miles long. It was begun in the 3rd century B.C. by the Emperor Shih Huang Ti, who united the various parts of China into a single empire. The purpose of the wall was to keep out the fierce tribes called Tatars who sometimes raided China from central Asia. It has often been added to, rebuilt, mended and in some places doubled for extra protection, especially during the 14th century, and much of the seaward end was destroyed by the Japanese between 1933 and 1937. Nevertheless, the wall is still of importance, as it divides Inner China from the self-governing regions of Outer China. Also, it marks the boundary between the regular farming country and the outer lands where there is little but the flocks belonging to wandering tribes.

The wall, which from a distance looks like an endless snake wriggling across the brown land, is made of stone and earth, usually with a coating of brick, and is from 15 to 30 feet high. Every few hundred yards there are watchtowers, where fires were lit to warn of the enemy’s coming, and along the top runs a road about 12 feet wide between narrow walls. At longer intervals there are big gatehouses with huge nail-studded gates, kept shut at night, through which traffic passes along the roads leading out of China. In some places there is a moat on the outer side of the wall. As the wall was built to serve as a defensive barrier, it makes no attempt to follow the easy way, but runs along the crests of mountain ridges and takes advantage of narrow gorges. Although in the past the wall did not stop invaders such as the Mongols, Manchus and Japanese from breaking in and for a time conquering parts of China, it must because of its sheer size and majesty be regarded as one of the greatest creations of mankind.


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