Egyptian God Horus Facts


Who is Horus? The Myth, story, history of Horus the Egyptian God. Information on the Gods of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian God Horus FactsHorus; Isis, sister and wife of Osiris, conceived Horus of the slain god by magical means. According to Egyptian myth she took refuge in the delta marshes, gave birth to her son and raised him in the utmost secrecy. On reaching manhood Horus sought to avenge the death of his father and in single combat with Seth, the murderous uncle, he lost an eye. But Seth was either killed or emasculated and judged the loser by the assembled gods. Although the eye was restored by Seth, Horus gaye it to Osiris, and replaced it with the divine serpent, which thenceforth acted as the emblem of royalty. Horus, the falcon-headed sky gad, thus succeeded the anthropomorphic god of vegetation, Osiris, as the king, the pharaoh of all Egypt.

Just as Isis is the archerype of the mourning wife, so Horus is that of the dutiful son. He originated in Upper Egypt as asolar deity and may have been identical with Re. On death the pharaoh was thought to become Osiris, and his successor Horus and Re.

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