Definition Of Science


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Definition Of Science

Science (in Latin scientia, de scire, which means “to know”), is the set of systematic knowledge about nature, the beings that compose it, the phenomena that occur in it and the laws that govern these phenomena. Science is a faculty of man that allows you to find explanations to the phenomena studied and answers to the questions raised about specific events, through a set of ideas that can be provisional, because with the activity of continuous search and effort of men and women , these explanations can vary and constitute a new knowledge.

Definition Of Science

By means of a scientific method, science can gather its established knowledge, this is only a way or means organized to reach a certain objective. It consists of observation, problem statement, data collection, hypothesis formulation, experimentation, results analysis and dissemination.

The knowledge of nature achieved through the scientific method, as well as the research that makes it possible, is known as pure science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.). There are other scientists who work in research aimed at obtaining practical applications of the results obtained by pure science, which constitutes applied science (agriculture, engineering, aeronautics, medicine, etc.).

The classification of science is based on two main groups: formal science and factual or factual science; the first is that which is established in logical reasoning and works with ideal objects, its method of work is deduction, between it are logic and mathematics. The second is that which in his research acts on reality, his method is observation and experimentation, but also deduction. Its main representatives are: natural science (physics, chemistry, biology) and social or cultural science (social psychology, sociology, economics, political science).

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