Definition of Code


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Definition of Code

A Code is a series of symbols that separately represent nothing, but by combining them can generate a language understandable only for those who understand it. A code can be interpreted if its source is known (where it comes from) and what its purpose is (what it is for), the conditions on which a code is created are widely varied, since not only the codes are created with the purpose of communicating, if not also to access sites where the entry of any individual is not allowed.

definition of code

An access code, also called password or key, represents a series of figures, shapes, algorithms, numbers or certain symbols, which in a correct order of sequence act as a key to a restricted space. The codes are usually imposed by the entity that tries to protect what is behind that “Holy and Sign”

The most common models of society in which codes are used are basically those that could compromise goods, money, personal and confidential information such as debit cards, social networks, bank accounts, real estate, properties, among others. .

A code is also a compendium of moral and ethical principles which is followed and respected by a group of society. People who acquire a large responsibility, such as taking the reins of an organization, represent a nation or a group of people, should be governed by an unblemished ethical code, so that it serves as an example for those in their charge.

The term code is common in a wide range of subjects and sectors of daily life. In medicine, we talk about the genetic code, such as that possessed by each race and species, obtained from a complicated study that defines parameters and conditions in the blood and tissues of the living being.

Morse code, is a communication system still used in the military field, but the spectrum of use before the new communication technologies was high in antiquity, consisted of a section of pulses sent by a transmitting antenna which were received by another antenna in which the operator deciphers the content of the set of pulses received.

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