Coleus Blumei Flower Care Instructions


Botanical name: Coleus blumei (aka Solenostemon scutellarioides)

The Coleus plant, also known as Painted Nettle, is often grown outdoors as an annual plant because it is tender because of frost. But it is easy to grow indoors if you can provide bright light.

The distinctive shapes of the leaves, the intricate patterns and the intense colors rival some of the most striking foliage plants.
coleus blumei
Pinch your plant. Coleus plants can get leggy. Pinch growth tips often to encourage them to branch out and stay thick and full. Also pinch the flower spikes as soon as you notice them, as they will detract from the beauty of the foliage.

Keep it moist. Coleus leaves will wilt and may fall if the soil is too dry. You will have a much healthier plant if you keep the soil moist at all times. Use a pot with drainage holes and water thoroughly. Do you need a container? Take a look at the elegant automatic watering pots available now. It’s the best thing to keep your coleus from withering this summer.

Fallen leaves? Low light, dry soil or cold air can cause the leaves to fall. Do not worry: this vigorous plant will replace them when you get what you want.

Something bothering your plant? Aphids like to attack new growth. Treat your plant immediately and isolate it to avoid contaminating your other plants.

Varieties of Coleus

There are unlimited varieties of coleus available. Foliage colors include red, maroon, brown, cream, yellow, orange and green in spectacular combinations and designs. The edges of the leaves may be scalloped or curled and have a contrasting color.

New and impressive hybrids make choosing just one almost impossible. Fortunately, we do not have to choose. The Coleus plant is easy to find in garden centers, and it is easy to grow from seeds. It is also practically infallible to spread from a plant: simply cut a stem and stick it in a glass of water.

There is no need for excessive winters. I replace my coleus plants when they get tall and long. This favorite garden is inexpensive. Also, I like to try new varieties every year.

Coleus Blumei

Light: lots of light
Temperature: 70° to 75° F – 21° to 24° C
Humidity: 40%
Soil: “cactus”
Watering: every third day
Spraying: every second day

The Coleus is a lovely indoor plant, popular for its sleek, figured foliage streaked with bright colours: red, purple, yellow, white and bright green.

To attain its full size, this plant needs lots of light. It also needs regular watering. Diluted fertilizer is recommended. To obtain bushy growth, you must top your plants. It is necessary to cut off the flowers — which are of little interest — as soon as they bloom.

Propagation is by slips. Cuttings root well in water but must be potted in a well-ventilated soil as soon as roots appear. Propagation should be done in the spring, at the time of the annual repotting.

The Coleus may need a good deal of care, but is a plant that easily competes with the prettiest.

If you touch the Coleus’ leaves they will fade.

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