Characteristics of Adolescence


Characteristics of Adolescence

Adolescence is a stage exclusively in the human being, in which great aspects of its development as a future adult are defined.

The word and the concept of adolescence, derive from the word pain which directly reflects the transition between childhood and adulthood as well as a direct allusion to the series of problems that arise in this period.

They present a series of physical and mental changes, physical and sexual development that is termed as puberty.

Main aspects and characteristics of adolescence:

Adolescence begins around 10 or 14 years of age, always varying in individual terms and culminates around 17 or 23 years of age, this being always related to the type of physical, mental development and family culture received in the childhood and the environment that surrounds him.

Here one begins with the development (sometimes precocious) of sexual characteristics; These changes are accompanied by new experiences and an obsessive nature of experiencing.

In this period, sexual, physical and mental changes make him a very susceptible, suggestible individual that can be manipulated with some ease, limited to the culture and education he receives. This susceptibility makes him very prone to fall into drug addiction and social conflicts.

He also has an unconscious need for belonging, which leads him to join with people of the same sociocultural level and of his same age range as well as he can develop direct love of characters, artists and idols to which he can follow in an obsessive and idealized way and develops a sense of imitation that leads him to emulate his idols.

His need to venture into the world of adults, his sense of freedom and his disinhibition and challenge to the authorities, can lead him to venture into fields such as musical groups, sects, social tribes etc., where he feels fully identified.

Generally this period is recognized for acquiring and maintaining an internal anger that leads to rebellion without apparent cause.

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