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Art Bauhaus

Bauhaus movement


Bauhaus movement The Staatliche Bauhaus (‘House of State Construction’), or simply Bauhaus, was the school…

Art Works Of Rembrandt

Works Of Rembrandt


What are the works of Rembrandt? Information about the paintings, biblical subjects, etching and drawings…

Art Abstract Art

Abstract Art


ABSTRACT ART, usually means painting and sculpture in which the materials of art (for example,…

Art Academic Art

Academic Art


ACADEMIC ART, is a style of painting and sculpture, particularly the style sanctioned by the…

Art default image

Don Juan Information


Who is Don Juan? Information on Don Juan hero, the summary, early dramatic treatment, later…

Art Tragicomedy

Tragicomedy Definition


What is tragicomedy? The meaning, definition of tragicomedy, the features and information on tragicomedy. Tragicomedy; is…

Art flamenco

What is Flamenco Dancing?


What is Flamenco Dancing? What are the characteristics and history of Flamenco Dancing? Information about…

Art Avant Garde

What is Avant-garde


AVANT-GARDE, is a French military term meaning “vanguard,” which has applied since the 19th century…

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